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Msc. Rafael Angel Pérez Zumbado
Lic. Stanley Mejía Mora
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Pérez & Mejía Asesores Jurídicos is a Costarican Law Firm established since 2002, once the two founders, Mr. Pérez Zumbado and Mr. Mejía Mora, finished their Law studies as well as having more than eight years combined of experience in several areas.

The founders spent over fifteen years, combined, in three of the most recognized Law Schools in the country, as part of their preparation. Thus, both of them assisted to the University of Costa Rica School Of Law

The main reason Pérez & Mejía Asesores Jurídicos was established was to provide our clients and investors with a better and more straight legal service. Due to the experience of both Mr. Pérez Zumbado and Mr. Mejía Mora mainly in the area of Economic Law, Civil and Criminal Law, they understood that most of the times the investors and clients were not entirely satisfied with the service they were receiving.

Through the daily work and labours, Mr. Peréz Zumbado and Mr. Mejía Mora, understood that several aspects could make a difference at moment of providing legal consultant. We always provide those little details that make the difference between a good and an excellent service and a very fair price.

The main difference between our Law Firm and others here in Costa Rica is the possibility for our clients to contact easily the Attorneys they have hired. Our clients can get a quick answer either through Internet or through phone.

The Labour of our well prepared crew of assistants is precisely to assist the Associates to provide a better service to our clients. That way, our clients won't end up dealing with the Assistant while paying the Attorneys fees.

Furthermore, our sincere interest by providing our service is to help our clients solve their problems the easiest, safest and fastest way. Thanks to a considerable clientele our possibilities allow us to work at competitive and fair prices.


Pérez & Mejía Derechos reservados 2006 Tel:+(506) 293 5397 Email: [email protected]

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